Wednesday, 23 November 2016

My bean report

wonder if my bean will grow without soil?

When I heard that we were getting beans I hypothesised that it would not grow because lack of soil.

The first thing happened quickly Kiri went round and gave us all a bean and told us it was our baby. 

We were told to look after it and Kiri gave us either a Petri dish or plastic bag I received a Petri dish.

 In the bottom of the Petri dish we put in a tissue and got a spray gun sprayed the tissue with H2O to dampen.

 I ran to the window to get a place in the sun “yes” a nice sunshiny place and also in between my friends.

The same time we got our bean we had to observate so in the observation chart I wrote the date 9/8/16 the height which was 13mm some measured the width but I forgot to. I observed the colour which was light light grey and texture was smooth and dry we looked at the shape which was like a jelly bean and there were no leaves.

On the 15/8/16 I made my 2nd observation
My bean was now 15mm it was white with light of grey streaks it felt smooth and wet it had a lump in it probably the shoot it still had no leaf.

On the 17/8/16 I made a 3rd observation the size was 18mm it was white with light grey streaks and was also light brown It had started a shoot but no leaf.

On the 18/8/16 I made my 4th observation it was now 2cm!!!  white with light grey streaks and was also light brown the skin has cracked and the shoot had grown I didn't see any leaves yet.

On the 29/8/16 I did my 5th observation
The shoot was 4 cm and the bean was 2cm and 8mm the colours were green,brown and white it had a long shoot with roots that stuck out there were leaves!!!

I have learnt that the bean seed can grow a shoot,leaves and roots without soil and the slowly dies after growing leaves

I wonder if other plants will be successful without soil?

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