Tuesday, 22 November 2016

My letter holiday

By Romae and Isabella 

A.ate a coconut for the first time
B.bailed from school on the last day
C.climbed the trees at a park
D.drove to Punakaiki
E.enjoyed a night out for dinner
F.fished through my clothes to find my school uniform 
G.glared at the massive slide at Margaret Mahy playground 
H.hallucinated a waterfall on the way to the West Coast
I.improved my hockey skills
J.jammed to the song “Starving”
K.kayaking down the river on the West Coast
L.lunged through the door of Inflatable World
M.made some crafts
N. Nothing for N
O.opened a new bottle of fizzy drink 
P.played basketball with my dad in the backyard
Q.queued in line for ice cream
R.raced my friends to St James Park
S.swam at Jellie Park
T.tramping was interesting 
V.visualising myself in Hawaii while relaxing
W.waking up to the sound of quiet
Y.yodeling in the holidays was funny
Z.zealous to go to flip out

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