Wednesday, 23 November 2016


   I was in space for 5500 human years.

My spaceship crashed because it got blasted by the evil pinknote.

The planet that I crashed on was sweet sugary plant full of candy.

I  had to leave my spaceship because it had cherry bombs on it and was going to blow up.

I walked 100km before I heard a candy cane crunch.

The creature that was following me was small and gummy and had pink marshmallows as eyes with a rock candy heart.

I threw rock candy at the beast it just sunk into him.

I ran and ran until I saw a gingerbread house and hid in there.

The creature that rescued me was a white Eskimo.

The Eskimo took me to his hidden city there houses were in pink candy floss trees and connected by rainbow straps.

As I walked in,the gummy bears and Eskimos were throwing confetti cannons at me the had gummy fruit and some strange leaves and when you bite into them you breathe fire.

When the marshmallow queen showed up I got down on two knees and begged her to fix my spaceship and told her about my journey she felt sorry for me and agreed to help me. 

As my space ship lifted off  I thought about how much I would miss my new friends but I was excited to be able to go on a new adventure.

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