Thursday, 24 November 2016

Tree climbing

Have you ever faced a challenge and been courageous ? 

 Well I have.

 When I was doing tree climbing at  the back of camp with my camp group (number 4) I realised that when you have courage you can do anything.

First we put on the helmets we had to try and fit two fingers through clip strap to make sure it was the right size.

Second we put on the harnesses luckily they stopped us from falling,honestly I didn't need it. 

Then we had a safety talk it's important to know what the rules were so you didn't die.

Then The man told us about the jobs we had to do like the beekeeper and the climber.

Then we finally got the fun part actually climbing the tree.I  was like a monkey  swinging from branch to branch and got to the top of both climbs on the highest tree we climbed!

Having courage help me climbing the tree because secretly I'm afraid very tall heights. 

In my writing I have 

Metaphors when I wrote “I was like a monkey swinging from branch to branch.”

In my writing I need to improve by understanding what language feature I am using in my writing. 

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