Monday, 26 June 2017

Camp High Ropes

As I was asked up the front to be a demonstrator, I was so enthusiastic about the climb ahead.

 I sped up the ladder and finally reached the climb. As I clutched the boys and hoped I didn’t die, I reached “the wrecking ball”. I swung to and fro like a madman. They asked me if I wanted to come down for the demonstration. I didn't want to, but I said yes to be polite.

I drifted down at a turtle's pace, I thought about all the other climbs and how much fun they would be.

Part 2 The Giant's Ladder

“Wow” that's what I thought when I saw how hard it was to do “The Giants Ladder”. It was my go and I was buzzing with excitement. 

I got attached to the rope and off I went I guess you could say that I was Jack and the ladder was the beanstalk.

 I grabbed the side rope for the first beam and got myself up, but then tragedy struck there wasn't another side rope, so Gale (the instructor) gave me a boost.Then  tragedy struck again no Gale and no side rope, so I gabbed the beam and heaved myself up and did the same until I reached the 6th beam. I decided I couldn't go any further so I decided to come down. I held the rope with both hands and leant back. As I felt myself getting lowered I let my feet slip and gently I glided to the ground. I was so proud of myself.

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