Thursday, 28 September 2017

My speech

I really hate spiders. Last year I was in Thailand for a holiday and we had just hopped off the boat onto a warm sandy island.

 I remember standing there, mouth watering, thinking wow look how many crepe stands there are, as we walked past I looked at the menu and I knew what I would be having for breakfast,lunch and dinner. 

We took a car to get to our house. The great thing about Thailand is that they don’t have as many safety rules as us so I got to sit on the back of the  car…….. and nearly fell off. 

After the long trip Elia needed to go to the toilet.

 She went in and just as she was about to lock the door she she saw a spider the size of my hand, she ran out of there at the speed of  a cheetah.

She explained  the situation to my grandad and dad, and my dad decided he would catch the spider.

Elia didn't exactly say how big it was so he went in there armed with a piece of paper and a small glass thinking “I bet its a daddy long legs or something like that” wrong when he saw the size of the spider he was amazed, and went to poke it with our toothpaste tube. The beast jumped at him.

He came out and the first thing he said was “we’ll need a bigger glass.”
When we found out how big it was all the ladies in the house rushed into the closest room at top speed.   

Grandad said leave it to me I lived in Papa New Guinea and I’m not scared of a tiny spider. So in went Granddad and we all heard a small squeak as he saw what he was up against, but not wanting to appear like a scaredy cat he had no choice but to tackle the beast. 

All of this time I was behind a locked door with my mum and sister as there was no way I was coming out!

2 minutes later we heard a knock on the door and my dad told us they had caught it and we could come out. None of us trusted that they weren’t standing right outside the door waiting with the spider ready to lunge at us. After a lot of convincing we all walked out of the room hiding behind each other and I saw my grandad with a glass and magazine and you could see the massive spider trying to escape the big glass cup.

I swear I could see it getting angrier and angrier.  Were it’s eyes turning red? Was it getting bigger and bigger? Was it just about to break out off the glass and chase me! Okay maybe that is a bit off an 
exaggeration but that was how sacred I was! 

Well grandad did the right thing for the spider and put it outside but all I could think about was what was going to stop that spider from crawling right back in, tonight, and finding me!

I really loved Thailand but oh geez I really hate spiders.

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