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Capturing the Heart of Waimairi school
Yesterday we drew block letters onto a page to spell Waimairi and coloured in the letters in to make our sign.We went to Kohara and Ara Atu and arranged to grab 2 children from each class a boy and a girl.Today we grabbed the children we grabbed Sophie and louie out of Kohara and Patrick and Imagen out of Ara Atu and Jessie and Jack out of Kahukura.We were short of one year 3 and saw Isaac running across the court and asked him if he could pretend to be a year 3 for our photo he agreed do I gave him the purple i and positioned him for the photo then I got in place and megan took the photo 

The Talent Show
We had been practicing for ages.All that practice leading up to this moment.
It was the day of the talent show we had just finished Discovery Time and morning tea had come to an end.
Grace and jessie were introducing the judges.
I was so nervous I kept telling Sophie “please don't make me do this” “I can't do this” “I’m gonna die”.
Megan was originally doing an act by herself but I was so nervous I kept asking Megan if she would do it with us I wanted her to be added to our group because I knew Sophie and Megan are strong singers and would drown my voice out.
Grace announced Libby's name as she walked up she had a quiet conversation with Grace than sat back down.
Ohh no I thought,we have to go first.
As Grace walked on I waved my hands across my neck symbolizing that we did not want to go first.Grace then gave me a thumbs up and said the next person on the list... Alex.
Alex made a paper plane blindfolded then there were some other people then there was some more then there was libby and then us.
My heart was racing “no no no no” I whispered to Sophie but eventually after 5 seconds of resisting I was up there in front of everyone.
Kiri said “when your ready” the music played I thought this can't be happening.
I wanted to run to my house and hide under my covers, I wanted to borrow Harry Potter's invisible cloak, I wanted to get as far away from here as possible.
I didn't I couldnt I had to sing “ I was scared of dentists and the dark
I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations” hey this isn't to bad.
After 19 more verses we finished.My knees were shaking as Kiri and Mrs Mccabe gave feedback.Grace went away with the judges scores and came back. ‘‘And the winners are…..Romae,Sophie and Megan’’.

Wait you thought the story was over well you were wrong.
I got up to collect the chocolates and then out of nowhere Megan and Sophie jumped up to run to collect the prize.
Ohh no Megan suddenly tripped and sophie fell on top of her since I was the only one standing Jessie handed the chocolates to me then Kiri came with her famous “ewww”.
She held out her hand for the chocolates.
 I wanted to say wait but I didn't because I didn't want to get in any more trouble than I already was in.
And that was my talent show story. 

Week 8 sculptures
Found object art is when you find everyday objects and turn them into a piece of art.

I made a minion out of a jar,paint,milk bottle top and hot glue

My inspiration was Zoe’s Plankton. I thought she was making a green Minion so I decided to make a yellow minion.

What went well for me was when I didn't have any supplies and I asked Mrs McCabe if we could use the stuff from the cardboard box underneath the cashier register,and she said yes so I grabbed a jar and a milk bottle cap.

Next time what  I would change would be to ask what days we are doing the sculpture so I can be more organized. 

Week 6 calendar art
This week we are working on our calendar art.We had 3 different styles of how we could do it.
Tapa cloth
A silhouette
Paper mosaic 
I chose to do the tapa cloth but that didn't work so I did the silhouette.
My silhouette background is rainbow bits of paper going on a diangel across the paper and the silhouette is of a family and a cat.

I accidentally made the cat to big because I don't know how to make it small when i'm printing it from my ipad.
If I could change it I would not have acat and use a different silhouette

I don't like my calendar art and I think I could do better by using a different silhouette

Week 5 a moment in time
This week Kahukura was capturing a moment in time.

A moment in time is when you take a photo of a moment that is special to you. 

This is me at the Fairlie AMP with my brother and sister Elia and Alex.

We had just gotten a giant stick of candyfloss I had green apple Elia had watermelon and Alex had lemon flavored candyfloss.

It was a rainy day and it was really muddy there but there were tons off ride and it was more off a farm show than the one in Christchurch.

Week 4 the arts
This week I was doing drama with Danielle.

Danielle took us onto the field and we did something were she would say  “ballerina” and we would have to pretend to be a ballerina.

Some kids didn't participate so Danielle said that they could either   participate or we would act in front of He Tangata.They didn't listen and didn't participate so we had to walk to He Tangata and do what we did on the field but with at least 40 eyes watching.

Then we went back to our class and did some little skits in front of one another. 

   Week 2 the arts
This week I was doing music with Mrs Mccabe.

We had to find things to use as instruments from around the room.Like milo tins as drums and sprinkles or beads in a jar as shakers and the bounce of a basketball as the beat.

After our musical performance lots of people from my group came and said we had the best beat.

What we used for our beat was a milo tin and knitting needles as the drum sticks,lids off jars and other stuff like that.  

 Week 1 trip to town
The dance o mat.

We had finally finished our trip around town and we were heading to the dance o mat.
I had never been there before.
I was very excited when we got there.
I saw speakers hovering over a whitish grey mat and thought is that it .
How do we even work this thing.Then I saw a old washing machine and thought that must be how you control it.
I sprinted over there thinking I could flick some switches and boogie my heart out,but no it was $2 and it was also  out of order and I was out of luck.
Finally after hours of waiting the other groups arrived and Kiri brought us down for a chat on the dance o mat and then let us roam free for a while then we started to slowly head back to the Margaret Mahy playground.When we got there the teacher gave us 5 minutes of playtime before we headed back to school.

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