Sunday, 12 November 2017

Hide and seek writing

“When I blow my whistle the game is over” Kiri says,  “now who wants to be in?”

 A couple of people put up their hands “you” she says, “and…...go.”
People scatter across the field.

I run up to the small pine tree “damn” I say I can see Leon hiding in the tree.

“25,26,27” I hear “oh no” I have no choice but to hide up there. “30 ready or not, here we come” they shout “come on” I hear Leon say.

 I scamper up the tree.“phew” I have gotten up but now I am crammed in between 2 branches.

5 minutes later I heard the ear piercing sound of Kiri’s whistle “yes we won” I shout.

We start heading over to the large group of people who have been found.

Just then Finley appears out of nowhere and said “I would have found you but Kiri’s whistle blew.” Sure sure, I think as we head inside.

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